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Multi-locale help: Choose several locales in Settings to tailor activities in your case, for example exhibiting search engine results in several languages instead of supplying to translate webpages in the language you currently know.

work - behave in a certain way when managed; "This dough would not work quickly"; "The gentle steel works perfectly"

If planning beautiful screens is your issue then Affinity Designer has an incredible element established for that way too. And when working on UI, UX or World wide web mock up initiatives there’s practically nothing much better than to find out you've the toolset of a full blown Specialist graphic style software backing you up.

the plan or observe of keeping an Business or place that gives profits with out demanding any or A lot work or attendance. Also sinecureship. — sinecure, n.

He is working on a completely new novel → Il travaille à un nouveau roman., Il travaille sur un nouveau roman.

A new "Core NFC" framework gives developers minimal use of the close to field conversation (NFC) chip inside supported iPhones, opening possible use situations during which apps can scan nearby environments and give end users more details.[112][113]

11. Abbr. w Physics The transfer of Electricity from just one Bodily procedure to another, Specifically the appliance of a pressure to maneuver a human body in a certain course. It really is calculated because the item in the pressure and the gap in excess of which it is utilized and it is expressed in joules, ergs, and foot-lbs.

a. Something that has long been generated or accomplished in the exertion, exercise, or company of anyone or issue: This scheme was the work of a criminal mastermind. Erosion could be the work of wind, drinking water, and time.

2. the duration of genuine labour in a standard day at work. My working working day is eight hours long. werksdag عَدَد ساعات العَمَل работно време expediente pracovní den der Arbeitstag arbejdsdag ώρες εργασίας jornada de trabajo tööpäev کار روزانه työpäivä journée de travail שְׁעוֹת עֲבוֹדָה किसी कार्यदिवस में वास्तविक कार्य का काल radni dan munkanap jam kerja vinnudagur giornata lavorativa* 1日の労働時間 하루의 근무 시간 darbo diena darbadiena tempoh masa bekerja werkdagarbeidsdag dzień pracy دكار ورځ dia de trabalho zi de lucru рабочий день pracovný deň delavnik radni dan arbetsdag ช่วงทำงาน günlük çalışma süresi 一天的工作時間 робочий день دن میں کام کرنے کی میعاد ngày làm việc 一天的工作时间

It’s uncomplicated to build numerous versions of symbols with a few characteristics detached, and even have symbols in just symbols to allow some really innovative techniques to speed up your workflow.

Each position will work the muscles in a distinct way → Chaque situation fera check here travailler les muscles d'une manière différente.

New language preferences: Type your language preferences to make sure that apps can select the correct keyboard & text for yourself.

do work, work - be used; "Is your partner working once more?"; "My wife never ever worked"; "Are you interested in to work after the age of sixty?"; "She never ever did any work due to the fact she inherited a lot of money"; "She works like a waitress To place herself by way of higher education"

central, phone exchange, Trade - a workplace that serves to be a telecommunications facility wherever lines from telephones is often connected jointly to allow communication

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